Shopping Inspo Reevaluated


So, in case you didn’t pick up on it from the last post, where I mentioned being on the phone with my mother (.5 seconds after leaving SoulCycle) during the flip-flop fiasco, my mom and I are super close.  I was a miracle baby birthed at 40+ and only child, I think that pretty much explains everything you need to know.  So, yesterday I casually posted this photo to my Instagram stories and promptly received a concerned phone call from my mother.  She wanted to know why I had purchased an adult tutu.  Lets just say there was concern in her voice for my mental wellbeing.  Laughing, I explained to my mother that I had actually purchased this “tulle ball skirt” from J.Crew some months ago, but it had been backordered.  By the time it arrived I couldn’t really remember what I had ordered and so it sat in its package on the floor of my bedroom for several weeks before I suddenly remembered and opened it, yesterday.  At this point, to paraphrase Céline Dion, it was all coming back to me now.  I remembered seeing all the pictures this spring of adult ballerina skirts and how fabulous I thought the trend was, which had motivated the original purchase.  At this point my mother interjects with the comment, “so you weren’t drunk when you bought this?”  To which I thought I was being reassuring when I said, rather horrified, “Mom, please, no.”  What I didn’t realize was that my mother was actually hoping this was a drunken purchase so to better explain the slip in rational thinking her 27-year-old daughter had had in ordering a pink tulle ball skirt.  This left me laughing out loud as I tried to explain that this was “a thing” … a look, a trend, a socially acceptable, if slightly irrational, purchase.  Unconvinced, my mother suggested I could wear it on Halloween and we ended our conversation.

The conversation was over, but it gave me pause as I realized she had a point.  Today, we find inspiration from seemingly average strangers on Instagram and Pinterest (don’t even lie, you know you do it, too).  So how do we know when to go after the trend or let it pass us by with a nod of admiration?  I don’t have the answer, obviously, I bought the skirt.  And I don’t regret it.  I know myself well enough to know I’ll find an occasion for it, and I cannot wait.  However, I will also be a bit more thoughtful next time I peruse social media for my purchasing inspiration.

In case you feel the need to also impulsively purchase this beautiful skirt, or you actually have somewhere you can wear it coming up on your calendar… here is where you can find it:



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