The Wheels on the Bike Go Round and Round

If you know me, you know SoulCycle has become a regular part of my routine, so much so that as I was walking into class on Sunday I was told it was my 250th ride.  I was pretty surprised, I remember my first class like it was yesterday.  A fairly self-conscious person, group workout classes were never my thing.  Instead, I had always been the one to run down to the gym in my building at 11:30pm.  But after moving to DC and into a building without a gym, I had managed to get as far as level 1 yoga at the little studio down my street.  I had more or less given up on exercise while studying for the bar, and the non-judgmental atmosphere at Tranquil Space was a welcomed start on my journey to get back into shape.  This slow moving approach was quickly changed when my best friend, Jaclyn, moved to DC at the start of 2016.  By MLK Day she had decided we were going to SoulCycle together.  I was aware of the spin craze and knew Soul was the trendiest of the trendy.  I was also pretty sure I was not physically, emotionally, or mentally on that level.  But, she confidently told me I was going to love it, and I basically trust her with my life, so I grudgingly signed up for that first class and off we went.  I was surprised at the genuinely welcoming front desk staff who made me feel at ease as I walked into the bright studio.  I had, of course, insisted we sit in the back so I could hide anonymously in the group, and, as the lights dimed, we were off. I’m not going to say I was an instantly great rider, I was totally lost for at least my first four classes (some might say I still am today), but I was addicted after just class one.  I pushed through the newness and soon found myself clipping in several times a week.  As I gained strength, got better at the choreography, and generally back into better shape, Jaclyn insisted we move forward row by row until we were riding in front (something, I’m pretty sure I never, not even today, would be doing without her).  But the confidence I built at SoulCycle was not limited to the confines of the studio.  I was feeling better about myself, and more connected to my new community.  I even built up the confidence to try other workout classes and soon found another home at B.Fit Barre, also on 14th street.  SoulCycle gave me the start I needed to push myself to be the best version of myself.  Since starting Soul, I have doubled down on exercise and focused on my diet, and as a result I not only look better, but feel better.  That being said, I am pretty sure I still have the same 15 thoughts every class…

  1. I love this, so dark in here, just moving to the music, lessgo
  2. Its song two and I’m not dripping with sweat, maybe I won’t sweat as much this class
  3. What was I smoking? “Not sweat as much” that’s funny, I’m dying
  4. Why am I right handed and yet I naturally pick up the beat on my left foot, maybe I was supposed to be left handed and never realized it…
  5. Oh no, I went down that mental rabbit hole and wasn’t listening, what are we doing?!
  6. It’s getting really hot in here, how does Pauline wear a sweatshirt, I am literally dripping sweat and wearing as little clothing as socially acceptable
  7. How do I do this everyday and still not know where to look, I feel weird just staring at myself in the mirror for 45 min, I’m confused
  8. This is kicking my ass, I can feel my abs, YESSSSSSS
  9. I think I am on fire, maybe no one will notice if I pour water on my legs … no, that’s definitely weird
  10. LOVE THIS PLAYLIST, there should be a little screen on the bike that tells you song and artist… shit, I need to focus
  11. Yup, push up, tap backs are still my favorite
  12. We are already to weights?!
  13. Please, no triceps, please, no triceps
  14. Triceps
  15. Fastest 45 minutes of my life, can’t wait to do it all again.

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