Holiday Dress Edition


LtoR: Cinq à Sept Marceau Ruffle Trim Strapless Dress $545; Reformation Anoush Dress $218Ali & Jay Velvet Midi Dress $148Reformation Rimini Dress $388

Pop of [Holiday] Color 

LtoR: Bardot Lace Sheath Dress $129Tibi Florence Mini Dress $495Jay Godfrey Rollins Ruffle Dress $325

LtoR: Reformation Olivine Dress $278L’Agence Rosalind Velvet Wrap Maxi Dress $750Reformation Winslow Dress $268


LtoR: Milly Sequin Mini Dress $395Tanya Taylor Erykah Sequin-Striped Mini Dress $595J.Crew V-back Sequin Dress $198Dress the Population Janis Sequin Body-Con Dress $231

 LtoR: Dress the Population Emery Scoop Back Reversible Sequin Body-Con Dress $260Cooper St Midnight Lucky Sequin Dress $220Dress the Population Marcella Open Back Sequin Body-Con Dress $248J.Crew Collection Tie-Shoulder Sequin Dress $298


LtoR: Krisa Seymore Draped Dress $348Michelle Mason Silver Mini Dress $568Saylor Diana Dress $264

LtoR: A.L.C. Kravitz Pleated Metallic Midi Dress $695Privacy Please Lehunt Dress $178Elizabeth and James Raquel Caftan Dress $695Tahari Metallic Jumpsuit $159

LtoR: Zhivago Ready Metallic Mini Dress $396Endless Rose Surplice Dress $104Misha Gold Sequin Mini Dress $430Michelle Mason Bias Maxi Dress $667


LtoR: Self-Portrait Sequin Zip Front Mini Dress $510Rag & Bone Victor Velvet Wrap Dress $550Frame Ruffle Dress $549Theory One Shoulder Fold Over Dress $395

LtoR: Norma Kamali Sleeveless Midi Dress $229Dion Lee Strapless Fringe Dress $765Maggy London Illusion Yoke Crepe Sheath Dress $148Cinq à Sept Jolie Marceau Strapless Dress $495

LtoR: Cinq à Sept Annoziat Velvet Strapless Gown $895; Cushnie et Ochs Denise Graphite Gown $1,995; Ronny Kobo Susan Chenille Open Back Dress $488; Reformation Myrtle Dress $388

 LtoR: L’Agence Dauphine Velvet Trim Jumpsuit $645Alexis Carice Jumpsuit $698J.Crew Cropped Velvet Jumpsuit $138Chelsea28 Strapless Jumpsuit $149

Who am I and Why should you care?

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The first question I pose here is superficially easy.  My name is Mercy, I am 27 years old (terrifying), and I live in Washington, DC.  I grew up in a lovely family in northern Illinois, I proudly attended the University of Southern California (Fight On), and graduated in 2012.  I then continued on to law school at Notre Dame, mostly because I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up and I thought three more years would buy me (literally) plenty of time.  Also, pretty much everyone in my family is a lawyer, so if I wanted to be taken seriously at family meetings or Christmas dinner, a respected advanced degree was necessary.  Following law school and the bar exam (which I passed, thank heavens) I confessed that I had absolutely no interest in actually being a lawyer, but, bright side, knew where I wanted to live.  I had spent my last semester of law school interning for the NCAA in Washington, DC (yes, I am a sports fanatic), and had totally fallen in love with the city.  So, I packed my bags and moved.  There I decided I was going to start a journey to “find myself.”  A concept which I had spent the first 25 years of my laugh mocking, before realizing I had no idea who I was or what I hoped to accomplish with my life.  This lasted a few weeks before I was offered an internship in a Congressional office, which turned into a job, where I stayed for 18 months.  By this time I had just turned 27, I was chewing my cuticles bloody and calling my mom on a regular basis to explain that while I understood I had a job thousands of people would die for, I was miserable.  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the job’s fault.  I made friendships I can’t imagine my life without, and I truly believe everything happens for a reason.  But a career “on the Hill” was, alas, not for me.  So, in April, I inexplicably quit.  Since then I have spent three months dodging all questions related to “so, what do you do,” while spending time with my family and friends, and getting myself into the best shape of my life (okay, honestly, probably best shape since high school).  However, the question of what do I want to be when I grow up still eludes me.  How is it I can look around at all my friends, swimming like fish, careers taking off, conquering the world, and I’m still taxiing for takeoff, destination unknown.  But, since when did “what do you do” come to define who we are? So, who am I?  Well, I’m quite happily me.  What do I do?  That’s yet to be answered.

Why should you care?  Well, that’s entirely up to you, and if you don’t want to, I certainly won’t be offended, feel free to continue along, no comments necessary, thank you, bye.  However, I will take a second to try to give you a few reasons to stay… Over the years, I have had a lot of internships and summer jobs, several of which have focused almost exclusively on learning about the “millennial.”  Who knew our generation was such a fascinating (and, to some, terrifying) beast?!  Well, it is.  Entire industries have conducted studies to figure out how to relate to, market to, interact with, and understand “the millennial.”  Companies are panicking as we enter the workforce and struggling to understand how we operate.  Part of me finds this strangely hilarious, part of me finds it completely fascinating.  But, as a millennial, I guess I find our behavior normal, even if I can also see how it breaks from tradition.  Some say we are superficial, and I am not totally sure that assessment is wrong.  Between Instagram and Snapchat, and the rest of social media (most of which I actually don’t know how to use), we are consumed with displaying ourselves publicly in the best light possible.  But, the reality is, we are all humans, like the generations before us and those yet to come, and we all put our pants on the same way.  (Is that actually a saying?  I heard someone say it once and it resonated, but I am not sure if it’s a real thing.)  So I want to use this space to share my reality.  Yes, I have embarrassing moments… such as, the other day, when my flip-flops broke in the middle of crossing the street (in a very trendy area) while I was jaywalking, drinking an iced chai, and talking on the phone to my mom. I totally panicked, considered changing my name and moving to Siberia.  Did anyone see me?! Obviously.  Do I know anyone who saw me? Please, I hope not.  Is there a car coming? If there was, it didn’t hit me.  Yes, the panic went in that order, sorry, I’m basic and that’s how my mind works.  And while just sharing my embarrassing moments would be humorous (for you), what I really want to do is provide a snapshot of [real] life.  What are my interests? Sports, fashion, food, work out classes, travel, animals, and the people that make it happen.  What are the trends in those areas.  How am I, a fairly average millennial, following or not following those trends.  A diary of sorts, if you will.  If that sounds even remotely interesting, feel free to follow along!